A Canonbie Ceilidh

A 40 bar Reel for couples in a large circle around the room

Couples in large circle round room, ladies on right of partners

Bars 1-8: All circle round to left and back to right.
9-16: Men dance a figure of eight round own partner and lady on left, going in front of own partner to begin.
17-24: Ladies dance a figure of eight round own partner and man on right, going in front of own partner to begin.
25-28: Joining hands in a large circle, all advance and retire.
29-32: All advance and drop hand not attached to partner. Men retire while ladies turn to face partner and chase him out to place, both hands joined with partners.

Finish with men facing centre and ladies with backs to centre.

33-36: All dance back to back with partner, men with hands joined to form arches.
37-40: All look to the right for a new partner (the person with whom you have just passed right shoulder) and birl them, finishing back in a large circle round the room, ladies on right of new partners, to begin again.

Repeat ad lib.

Devised for Hazel Easey and James Williams on the occasion of their Wedding in Canonbie, Aug. 24th 1996, with love from Ian Brockbank and Caroline Bradshaw.

Bars 29-32 modified 1999 to stop the men breaking their arms in the arches.

Published in the New Scotland 50th Anniversary book of dances (prior to modification).

If you try this dance, please let me know how you get on.

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