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The Maisie Books

Aileen Paterson

Maisie, a kitten who lives in Edinburgh, has amazing adventures around Scotland and the world. The Maisie books include:

Maisie's Festival Adventure (1988), ISBN: 1871512042

Maisie's Mystery Tour (1989), ISBN: 1871705029

What Maisie Did Next (1991), ISBN: 1871512093

Maisie's Merry Christmas (1995), ISBN: 1871512468

Maisie Meets her Match (1990), ISBN: 1871705037

Maisie Loves Paris (1989), ISBN: 1871512050

Maisie in London (1988), ISBN: 1871705045

Maisie Goes to Hospital (1989), ISBN: 1871512069

Maisie Jumps into Japan (2000), ISBN: 1871512654

Maisie Goes to a Wedding (2000), ISBN: 1871512549

Maisie in the Rainforest (1992), ISBN: 1871512298
also in Gaelic: Meusaidh Anns A` Choill-uisge , ISBN: 1871512484

Maisie comes to Morningside (1989), ISBN: 1871705002

Maisie and the Monster (1988), ISBN: 1871705053

Maisie Goes to Glasgow (1988), ISBN: 1871705010

Maisie and the Space Invader (1988), ISBN: 1871512026

Maisie and the Pirates (1998), ISBN: 1871512557

Maisie Goes to School
also in Gaelic: Meusaidh anns an Sgoil (1996), ISBN: 1871512476

Maisie and the Posties (1988), ISBN: 1871512034

Maisie and the Puffer (1992), ISBN: 1871512336

Maisie Digs up the Past (1994), ISBN: 1871512417

Maisie Goes to Hollywood (1994), ISBN: 1871512409


Susan Cooper

ISBN 0140364889

Buy this now from Amazon's synopsis:

A boggart, who has lived on a remote Scottish island for many centuries, is accidentally transported to the city of Toronto. When this ancient invisible mischief maker meets hi-tech for the first time, he creates chaos on a grand scale. A big city is certainly no place for a boggart.

The Boggart and the Monster

Susan Cooper

ISBN 0141302070

Buy this now from Amazon's synopsis:

A sequel to "The Boggart" in which the playful spirit comes to the aid of his long-lost cousin, trapped in the form of the Loch Ness Monster. Emily, Jessup and Tommy join with the Boggart to help Nessie regain his boggart form, and dodge the hordes of scientists and tourists eager to capture him.

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