What's Changed on Grand Chain?

There's a lot of site here, and if you're a regular visitor it can be difficult to know if there's anything new to check out. So I thought I'd make it easier for you and point out the changes as I go.

5th June 2017
  • Updated events listing - added Linlithgow Ceilidhs in June, added East Lothian dances in Gullane in June and August, added Hereford dances in July, September and December, added Fringe ceilidhs in Edinburgh in August, updated Asilomar information in November
19th January 2017
  • Updated events listing - added East Lothian Nice 'n' Easy dance in March, Added Jersey Annual Ball weekend in September
12th January 2017
  • Updated events listing - added Armadale Burns family fundraiser ceilidh in January, added Asilomar weekend workshop and dance in November.
  • Updated UK groups - updated Manchester RSCDS.
  • Updated bands listing - added The Staffin Island Ceilidh Band in Dundee, added Calum Low Scottish Dance Band & Concert Duo in Bishopbriggs, North of Glasgow.
8th January 2017
  • Happy New Year to all! Bliadhna Math Ur!
  • Updated events listing - added Nathaniel Gow dance band events in January, February & March, added Richmond Caledonian 80th Anniversary Ball in February, added Hereford Annual May Ball, added Welwyn Garden City summer dance in May.
  • Updated bands listing - added Black Velvet Band, added Borland Ceilidh Band, added King Ceilidh Barn Dance Band, updated line-up of Annasach and added 2 recordings.
  • Updated UK groups - added Helsby and District Caledonian Society.
  • Updated US groups - added link to Murphy Highland Dance Academy in Houston and Plano.
19th November 2016
12th October 2016
  • Updated events listing - added Lauriston Hall ceilidhs in November, Hogmanay and Burns night, added Da Hooley ceilidh in Edinburgh at Hogmanay.
  • Updated US groups - updated Birmingham Scotia SCDers in Hoover, AL.
  • Updated bands listing - added Macadians
  • Updated UK groups - added RSCDS Bath Branch and the Cornwall SCD page and updated Knowle SCD Club
  • Updated European groups - updated Geneva SCD Club
3rd September 2016
  • Updated events listing - added Valentine's Ball in Oakland, CA, in February, Tunbridge Wells day school has moved to 25th March.
  • Updated updated UK groups - added link to Nantwich Scottish Society.
  • Updated English bands - Bon Accord (London) is now Banish Misfortune.
  • Updated Ceilidh callers - updated Henry Garfath.
8th August 2016
  • Updated events listing - added Big Helix picnic and ceilidh in Falkirk in August, added Lifecare 75th Anniversary Ceilidh in Edinburgh in September, updated Saskatchewan Workshop Banquet and Ball at end of September, added Tunbridge Wells Autumn dance in October and Day School in March.
  • Updated European groups - updated Brussels Dance Scottish (formerly St. Andrew's Church Scottish Country Dance Society)
  • Updated South American groups - Highland Heritage Society of Buenos Aires is no more, and Buenos Aires Tartan Army has sprung up in its place.
  • Updated Ceilidh callers - added Felix Burton.
6th July 2016
  • Updated events listing - added Ken's ceilidh in Edinburgh in July, Ashdown SCD Club in Sussex in September, added Porty Family ceilidh in Edinburgh in September, added Saskatchewan Workshop in September-October, added West Midlands Spring Dance in February.
28th June 2016
  • Updated events listing - added Fringe ceilidhs in Edinburgh 5th-27th August, added Hereford Christmas Dance in December
22nd February 2016
  • Updated events listing - added Ball in Bristol in April, added Welwyn Garden City Summer Dance in May, added Nantwich and RSCDS Cheshire events in June, July and March 2017, added Asilomar weekend in October, added Harwell SCDC Annual Ball in November.
31st January 2016
25th January 2016
  • Happy Burns Day to all!
  • Er, and Happy New Year... I can't believe it's two months since I last updated the events listing. *shame and apologies*
  • Updated events listing - added Charity Ceilidh in Edinburgh in February, added Cheltenham Annual Spring dance in February, added Lauriston Hall ceilidh in April, added Aurora May Ball (Beauly), added Cheltenham end of season dance in June, added Jersey Caledonia Ball in September
  • Updated bands listing - updated details for Glamaig, added Ian Robertson (formerly of Sound Company), updated email address for Eric Wood, updated John Stuart Scottish Dance Band, added Tartan Trio Ceilidh Band, added Braes of Wansbeck Scottish Dance Band, added Saxofolk, updated Andy Imbrie's band to be Reel of Seven, added The Dollarfield Band, added Lochnagar Ceilidh Band, added M�rtainn Skene Highland Dance Band
  • Updated link to Volkdansen page of Op Zijn Best since they have rewritten the site.
  • Updated callers list - added Pia Walker and John Carver, and updated Ian and Caroline Brockbank.
  • Updated US groups - updated link to RSCDS Central Iowa Branch.
16th December 2015
  • Added The Bon Viveur to my dances. This is a dance written for Stewart Adam in recognition of his award of the Scroll of Honour from the RSCDS at the AGM in November and first danced at the Edinburgh Branch Classes Christmas party last night.
12th November 2015
  • Updated events listing - added Ceilidh in Claxton in November, added St Andrews Night Ceilidh in Dunfermline, added St Andrews Night Ceilidh in Columcille Centre, Edinburgh, added MoJo Hogmanay Ceilidh in Edinburgh, added Nantwich Burns Supper in January, added Nantwich Annual Ball in March, added MacLennan Scottish Group 35th International Folkdance Festival in May.
  • Updated UK groups - added Cheltenham Scottish Society.
  • Updated European groups - Humpty Dumpty dance school in St Petersburg has renamed to Schiehallion.
  • Updated event listings - added John Marshall's "JockJigging" site covering Central England.
  • Updated bands listing - added Copper Ceilidh, updated email address for Bella McNab's, updated Phill Jones' details now he's based in Scotland, updated contact details for Bon Stovi.
  • Updated Scottish Dance links - added Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland (TRACS).
13th August 2015
  • Updated events listing - added Edinburgh Ceilidhs in August, September and October, added West Midlands dances in August and December, added Annasach ceilidh in Edinburgh in October, added RSCDS Cheshire events in October, January, February and July, added Beauly dance in May
5th May 2015
  • Updated events listing - added Asilomar Weekend in November
  • Updated European groups - updated web site for Dublin SCD Club
  • Updated UK groups - added Kelsall Scottish Dance Group and Baillie Tartan SCD Club in Birmingham
23rd April 2015
  • Updated events listing - added Herefordshire Branch Annual May Ball, added programme for Aurora Ball in Aberdeen in May
11th April 2015
  • Updated events listing - added MND Scotland Ceilidh in St Andrews in April, added Positive Help ceilidh in Edinburgh in April, added Welwyn Garden City Annual Dance in May.
8th March 2015
  • Updated events listing - added French/Western European Ceilidh/Bal Folk in Edinburgh in March, added Aurora Annual Ball in Aberdeen in May, added Nantwich Summer Dance in July.
21st February 2015
  • Updated events listing - added Mojo ceilidh in Edinburgh in March, added The Big Strathcarron Shoogle in March, added Helensburgh RSCDS Weekend in March, added Ashdown SCD Club Spring Ball in March.
31st January 2015
  • Updated events listing - added Family Celidh in Armadale, West Lothian in January.
  • Updated bands listing - updated Ian Thomson and The Reel Blend, added Paddy's Whiskers, Gowrie and Bass Rock.
  • Updated European groups - updated Rowan Tree Dancers in Nederland.
8th January 2015
  • Updated events listing - added Burns ceilidh in St Brides Centre, Edinburgh in January, added Annual Spring Ball in Cheltenham in February, added End of Season dance in Cheltenham in May.
17th November 2014
  • Updated events listing - added Solenn La Pense Autumn Ceilidh and Bal in Edinburgh in November, added Annasach Ceilidh at the Counting House in January.
1st October 2014
  • Updated events listing - added Ceilidh for Education in South Sudan in Edinburgh in October
10th September 2014
  • Updated events listing - added Yes/No Ceilidh in Southside Centre in Edinburgh in September,, added Stockfest ceilidh in Edinburgh in September, added Ken's ceilidhs in Edinburgh in OCtober, November and December, added Jersey Ball in September 2015
  • Updated US groups - updated location of Jacksonville group.
28th July 2014
  • Updated events listing - added Hereford Come and Try in September, added RSCDS Cheshire events in November, January, June and July. added MacLennan Scottish group Folk Festival in Orpington, Epping Forest.
  • Updated UK groups - updated Morningside Club with information from Sandra Shaw.
2nd July 2014
  • Updated events listing - added RSCDS Cheshire Day School in February, added Nantwich dances in January and March.
  • Updated bands listing - added Alastair Scott Ceilidh Band, added Reel of Fortune Ceilidh Band, removed The Trossachs who have disbanded.
  • Updated dance callers - added Marion Rondot-Hay in France

Changes prior to July 2014 now deleted.

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