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So You're Going to Wear the Kilt

- all you want to know about tartan dress

J. Charles Thompson

ISBN 185217126X

Buy this now from From the foreword:
This readable and handy booklet on Scottish attire provides a compact guide not only for those starting to wear Scottish dress, but also for those who may have been wearing the kilt for some time.

The author has provided an authoritative guide for all Americans - and indeed for many Scots in Scotland. This booklet contains much valuable information and useful comment and I can recommend it to anyone possessing or considering the acquisition of the kilt.

Indeed, there is so much tradition and ontroversy associated with Highland dress that it is no wonder that many poeple are confused and anxious to seek advice on the subject. Everything you will be required to know will be found in the following pages.

The kilt is the finest national dress in the world should be preserved as such. It should be worn correctly. If you follow the information provided in this guide, you will not go wrong.

It is a reasoned, pragmatic book, but somewhat directed at the US market and so is good at correct dress, but less at what I would personally use on a more casual basis. For instance, he recommends wearing your bonnet while waiting for your kilt to arrive - I don't possess a bonnet, and have no intention of wearing one at all. With that caveat, it's a good source on what's right and what's wrong. And it's good to see someone attacking the "clan tartan" myth. Return to the Scottish Dance in Edinburgh home page.

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