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In Association with Here are some recommendations of fiction books with a scottish dancing theme. (Note, I have not read all of these myself). I also have links so you can buy them from - if you buy them this way, Amazon will pay me commission on each book bought, which will help offset my costs in running this web site.

Highland Laddie Gone

Sharyn McCrumb

ISBN 0345360362

Buy this now from Sharyn McCrumb, who used to write murder mysteries but these days wants to be known as a "Southern writer," wrote a murder mystery set at a Highland games, called "Highland Laddie Gone." It was pretty decent light reading, and it helped that I was familiar with the setting. :)

[ Recommended by Laura Haywood-Cory ]

The Cat Who Wasn't There

Lillian Jackson Braun

ISBN 0747241341

Buy this now from More in the mystery vein: Lillian Jackson Braun's popular "The Cat Who..." novels. This one is set on in Scotland. Amzon's synopsis is:

"Amateur sleuth Jim Qwilleran races home when his friend Polly is alarmed by a stranger. Polly suggests they take a trip to Scotland, including Jim's cats, Koko and Yum Yum. Then a tarot card reading predicts danger for a mature women. Will the Scots tour turn out to be fatal for Polly?"

Another of Braun's "Cat Who" mysteries is set around a Highland games, but I can't recall the title right now. I remember reading it and being somewhat grumpy that she got the details of one of the Highland dances wrong. :)

[ Recommended by Laura Haywood-Cory ]

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