Teviot Square

A 4x48 bar Jig for 4 couples in a square set

Music: Mpho's Majority (Brockbank). (abc version).

Bars 1-8: All circle eight hands round to the left and back.
9-12: 1C and 3C change places, 1s dancing under an arch made by the 3s.
13-16: 3C and 1C repeat back to place, 1s making the arch.
17-20: 1M & 3L turn (or spin) R.
21-22: 1M & 2L, and 3L and 4M turn L (this was the person on their left before they started spinning).
23-24: 1M & 3L turn 3/4 R.
25-26: 1M & 3L turns partners L.
27-28: 1M & 3L turn 3/4 R.
29-30: 1M & 4L, and 3L and 2M turn L.
31-36: 1M and 3L turn (or spin) R.
37-40: All turn partners L into promenade hold.
41-48: All promenade round the set.

Repeat with 2M and 4L (2s and 4s doing arches), 3M and 1L (1s making the arch first), and 4M and 2L (4s and 2s doing arches).

Note: the turns on bars 21-32 should be danced with elbow grip, as in "Strip the Willow".

Devised by Ian Brockbank. Copyright June 2000.

Written for my brother, Stephen, for his 21st birthday on the 22nd of June, 2000, and first danced at the ceilidh on the 17th celebrating his birthday. Stephen was born in Botswana, and given the name "Mpho" (meaning "gift") by the local people of the village; he was known by this name for the first few years of his life. His 21st birthday ceilidh was held in Teviot Student Union or the University of Edinburgh (which is actually on Bristo Square) - so it's a square dance commemorating an event in Teviot. I don't think there is a Teviot Square in Edinburgh.

In writing this dance, I tried to come up with something which would be suitable for competent ceilidh dancers as well as enthusiastic SCD dancers.

If you try this dance, please let me know how you get on.

The sheet music for the tune 'Mpho's Majority'
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