Scottish Country Dance technique - Figures

This file provides brief descriptions of the figures used in Scottish Country Dancing. As with all the pages in this section, it is intended as an aide-memoire or a quick reference for someone needing to get instruction in a hurry. It is not intended to replace personal tuition in a class, and nor should it be taken as authoritative. I am just speaking from personal experience, and do not (and cannot) speak for the RSCDS.

The figures fall into the following categories:

Standard figures

You will encounter these figures with these names all around the world - the names in this section are those used by the RSCDS. For a more authoritative/detailed description, please consult the RSCDS manual, or ask your class teacher.

Er, well I will get round to this at some point... Here's a quick list, in no particular order (and no guarantee of completeness):

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