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If you have a Scottish Dance Event which you would like to see included in the events pages, and you already have a programme sorted out then please fill out the form below.

To update an existing event either contact the WWW page maintainer ( or resubmit the information using the relevant form.

Please note that, although there is a program backing this form which collects the information, it still has to be added to the events calendar by hand - so it may take a few days before I get the time to do this. I'm working on a completely automated version, but it's still not quite there yet... If your event hasn't appeared within a few days, send me an email (

Please use mixed case. If you type IN CAPITALS I will have to edit your whole listing and I will not be pleased. The same goes for HTML tags embedded in titles, etc - please don't. Thank you.

Dancing Event Registration

(*) Event title: (eg Dunedin Summer Dance)

(*) Event style:
(*) Date(s): (eg. Saturday 7th June, 2001 or Friday 11th-Sunday 13th April, 2003)

(*) Times: (eg. 7:30 to 11:30)

(*) Venue: (eg. Cluny Church Centre, Cluny Drive, Edinburgh.)

(*) Region:
(*) Band/Music: (eg. Sandy Nixon's Band)

(*) Price:
Organising group: (eg Dunedin Dancers)

Refreshments provided: (eg Finger buffet) - if none, please leave blank.

Dress: (eg Semi-formal)

(*) Contact:

You can use the tag <strong> and </strong> to make things 'bold'. For example,

Joe MacBloggs,<br>
Flat 3F2, 123 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3MC
<strong>Tel:</strong>(+44) (0)131 456-7890
<strong>E-mail:</strong><a href=""></a>

If you send in addresses or phone numbers as contacts for your dances, please ensure that you have the permission of the people concerned. Remember this information is accessible to anyone in the world, not just your dancing society friends.

Any other details:


Please type your programme in here exactly as you wish it to appear on the event. The suggested format (which may be parsed automatically in future) is:
Dance Name                          Length  Type        Source
Mairi's Wedding                     8x40    Reel        Cosh
Interval (finger buffet)
Gang the Same Gate                  8x32    Strathspey  XXXVI (ie RSCDS book 36)

If you have extras, please enter them here in the same format:

(*) Your name:

(*) Your e-mail address:

You will be sent confirmation to this address when the information is put in place.
PLEASE NOTEYou must have a valid address here for your entry to be accepted.


If you wish to provide a recap or crib sheet for your dance this can be made available from these pages. You may wish to make this protected by an id and password to limit access only to members of the list, as the copyright issues regarding recaps are very complex. A Further Discussion of this issue is provided by Peter Hastings.

Standard Disclaimer:The Scottish Dance Web Page maintainer will not be held responsible for any infringement of privacy or copyright which results from publishing any information on these pages. The resolution of privacy and copyright issues is the sole responsibility of the person or persons submitting the information for publication on these pages.

To have a recap made available on these pages please send a PDF, Word or RTF format (available from most word processors) version to the SCD Web Page Maintainer.

Other Information

If you have any other information, for example directions on how to get to your dance, you would like to see included in these pages please send it to the Web Page Maintainer ( in one of the following formats, (in order of preference)
  1. HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
  2. Adobe Protable Document Format (PDF)
  3. Microsoft Word (.doc)
  4. Rich Text Format (RTF - can be produced by most word processors)
  5. Preformatted Text (80 Columns Wide, with line breaks)

HyperText Markup Language

Should you wish to find out about HyperText Markup Language, the WWW Guide to Information on HyperText Markup Language is a useful source of pointers to pages on how to write in HTML.
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