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This page contains Scottish Dance groups I know of in Edinburhg, together with links to their home pages if I know of them. If I have missed your favourite group out, I'd love to know so I can add them to this page.

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The groups are arranged in alphabetical order, and are:

The Atholl Scottish Country Dance Club, Edinburgh

The Club will re-open on Tuesday 17th September, 1996 at the Studio Theatre (Church Hill Theatre) 7:30 till 10:00 pm, and will continue until Tuesday 27th May, 1997. Members and new members are welcome.

Information from the Autumn 1996 Issue of "Dancing Forth".

Dunedin Dancers, Edinburgh

Dunedin Dancers was formed in 1971 by a group of members of New Scotland who wanted a base from which to run biennial dance festivals, to raise funds to do the running, and to visit other dance festivals both in return and to sound out likely talent for the next festival. This year they held a festival in George Watson's College, with over 100 dancers from France, Germany and Poland. They also had teams dancing in Germany and Romania thia summer.

They are a lively group, whose repertoire is aimed at more experienced dancers; although they have a monthly class, the emphasis (except when preparing for a trip or festival) tends more to enjoyment and embellishment than strict RSCDS technique. However, they have many dancers of a high standard, and regularly perform for assorted functions.

They meet on Wednesday evenings between 8 and 10 pm in Cluny Lower Church Hall. A mixed bag of dances are called and unfamiliar and more complex dances (which form the bulk of the programmes) are walked through. Membership costs £7 single/£10 household/£5 for students and weekly fees are £1.50, or £15 for a term (which usually works out £3-4 cheaper). They hold informal dances in November and June, and the formal Dunedin Assembly in March. More details of these are in the events pages. They also have several non-dancing activities during the year.

Their home page has more details.

Information supplied by Ian Brockbank.

Edinburgh Ladies' Club

The club meets in St. John's Church Hall, Princes Street, on a Wednesday evening from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, commencing on 1st October and running until 25th March. The last session before Christmas is the 10th December, and the club restarts on the 7th January 1998. Subscription for twenty weeks dancing, including tea and biscuits, is £25. New members are always welcome. Visitors are charged £2.00 per evening. We dance to tapes and CDs, and the dances are called and walked through.

For further information contact Mrs Valma Easson, President, or Miss Margaret Stirton, Secretary.

Information from the Autumn 1997 Issue of "Dancing Forth".

The Harrison Scottish Country Dance Club, Edinburgh

The group meets at Polwarth Church Hall on Tuesdays at 7.30 p.m. It is a social club and dances to tapes, from 7.30 - 930 p.m. The dances are called and walked through as necessary and some teaching is done but the emphasis is on enjoyment. All dancers are welcome.

The club reopens on 26th September 2000. Contact Fiona Carpenter on 0131 336 3316.

Information supplied by Fiona Carpenter (

Edinburgh University New Scotland Country Dance Society

The Edinburgh University New Scotland Country Dance Society, or "New Scotland" to its friends, is the Scottish Dance Society at the University of Edinburgh. It is one of the longest-running EU societies, having celebrated its 50th anniversary last year (1997). Ex-New Scotland dancers are spread far and wide around the world.

Being a university society, its members are, with a few exceptions, students in their late teens and early twenties, so naturally there is a lot of energy and horseplay at their meetings. There is also a high turnover rate of members - it often seems that no sooner does a dancer become good than she or he leaves again. In recent years, New Scotland has been unusual among Scottish Dance societies in having a surplus of men.

New Scotland's main evening is Thursday evening, with a range of classes - both Scottish Country and Highland - followed by social dancing. After this they head for Teviot student union bar - after all, dancing is thirsty business!

Their home page has more details.

Information supplied by Ian Brockbank.

Edinburgh University Reel Club

Unlike New Scotland, the Edinburgh University Reel Club restricts its repertoire to the Scottish Reels - no jigs or strathspeys for them. Their emphasis is very much on alcohol and a bop to music rather than learning any "proper technique".

At least, that's the impression I got from them when I enquired at the Freshers' Fair a few years ago. I will try to get someone to get more up-to-date information from them at the Freshers' Fair this year. I have never actually been along to any of their meetings.

Information supplied by Ian Brockbank.

Inverleith Scottish Country Dance Club, Edinburgh

The Club will re-open on Monday 23rd September 1996 at 7:15 pm, and continue until Monday 28th May, 1997 in the Church Hall, Inverleith Church, Inverleith Gardens (top of Granton Road).

Information from the Autumn 1996 Issue of "Dancing Forth".

Merchiston Country Dance Club, Edinburgh

This is a friendly "couples only" club with the emphasis on enjoying Scottish Country Dancing. We meet every Wednesday in the Dining Hall of George Watson's College, dancing from 7:30 pm till 9:30 pm with a short break for tea. Our first evening is Wednesday 1st October. The programmes are given out two weeks in advance and new or complicated dances are taught and walked through. Our music is played by Bill Richardson and Calum Wilson. Further information may be obtained from the Secretary, Malcolm Hunter.

Information from the Autumn 1997 Issue of "Dancing Forth".

Morningside Scottish Country Dance Club, Edinburgh

Meets in St Matthew Hall, Morningside Paris Church, Braid Rd, Edinburgh EH10 6AE, on Monday evenings, 7.40 to 9.40 pm from October to March, dancing to live music.

New members and visitors are always welcome, but are expected to know the basic steps and formations of Scottish Country Dancing. Dances are called and walked through once.

For further information please see our website -

RSCDS Edinburgh Branch

The Edinburgh Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society is, along with Dunedin and New Scotland, the third performing group in Edinburgh. Their emphasis is much more on technique, as shown by the large number of classes they run.

They have assorted classes throughout the week in halls all over Edinburgh, catering for all ability levels from Beginners, through Intermediate I and II to Advanced and Demonstration classes. They also have Junior classes for children over 7, an "Afternoon Social" class on Tuesday afternoons, and assorted dances throughout the season - see the events page for more details of these.

Their home page has more details.

Information supplied by Ian Brockbank.

St Serf's Parish Church Junior Scottish Country Dance Club, Edinburgh

The Club welcomes boys and girls from 8-12 years of age. It meets in the Church Hall, Clark Road, Goldenacre, from 4:15 till 5:30 pm, starting on Monday 30th September, 1996.

Information from the Autumn 1996 Issue of "Dancing Forth".

The Thistle Scottish Country Dance Club, Edinburgh

The Club will re-open on Thursday 26th September, 1996 in the Central Hall, Tollcross, and will continue until Thursday 27th May, 1997. It meets from 7:30 to 9:30 pm.

Information from the Autumn 1996 Issue of "Dancing Forth".

Trinity Dance Group, Edinburgh

Time: Saturdays, 7:30 - 10:30
Venue: Normally Edinburgh Academy Junior School, Arboretum Road, Edinburgh
Price: 7 members/9 non-members / 2 spectators
Occurs: Roughly fortnightly
Season: Late September to early May
Contact: Alison Nuttall 0131-447- 4117
Web site:

Information from Trevor Rigg. Last updated July 2012.

If you have any other societies you would like me to include here, please mail me with a description. Please also get in touch if you disagree with any of the descriptions already here, and offer your view of the societies. If you want me to publish your view, however, you must give me permission to attribute it to you.
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