Scottish Dance groups in Canada

This page contains Scottish Dance groups I know of in Canada, together with links to their home pages if I know of them. For some groups I only have their homepage link. I have marked these with "(link only)". If I have missed your favourite group out, I'd love to know so I can add them to this page.

There are also pages for groups in

You might also like Anselm Lingnau's World SCD map. Note I can claim no credit (or blame) for this.

Since anyone anywhere in the world can read this page, I have not included contact addresses or telephone numbers unless I have specifically been given permission. Please contact me if you want contact information.

The groups are arranged in alphabetical order of location, and are:

The Teachers' Association of Canada

The Teachers Association Canada (TAC) is an organisation for qualified RSCDS teachers. They are at

They have associated organisations TACBooks and TACSound who stock and sell dance books and music.
Craig Williams
99 Gray Crescent
Kanata, ON, K2K 3J7

Phone: 613-254-7242
Web site:
TACBOOKS is handled by Craig Williams.

Amethyst Scottish Dancers of Nova Scotia

We are a not for profit society whose objective is to promote Celtic culture. We do this in part through the sponsorship of a highland dance troupe. The troupe performs on a fee for service basis at conventions, festivals and aboard cruise ships. Each year we perform on more than fourty occasions. Special arrangements are made for charitable causes.

We are located in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada but have performed in the United States, Mexico, England, Scotland and most recently in the Netherlands.

c/o 38 Appian Way
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Programme Coordinator:
Choreographer and Artistic Director: Marla MacInnis

Information supplied by Melanie Furlong.

RSCDS Ottawa Branch

The Ottawa Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society offers weekly classes from beginner to advanced level and has monthly social events including an annual Ball in April. Come to a class, or drop by one of our socials to watch the fun! Guests are always welcome. Read more about us through the links below:

Web site.

Information supplied by William Moxley.

Ardbrae Scottish dancers, Ottawa

We are a fairly small but enthusiastic group that dances in the downtown Ottawa area. We are affiliated with the RSCDS, but are separate from the Ottawa Branch, although both groups co-operate on a Beginner's Ball in the spring of each year. We hold a beginner's and indermediate class on Monday nights. These two classes are combined after our mid-class break, which gives our beginners a real "leg up" on their learning. We also have a Wednesday Advanced class, where we get to try all sorts of interesting dances and formations.

We have a Ball every year, with live music, usually the 3rd Saturday of January (Burn's Night). We like to offer many of our out-of-town visitors hospitality, and a chance to ski or even skate on the world's longest skating rink during the afternoon. We also welcome families to our after Ball brunch, so that non-dancing spouses/friends/children get a chance to see what its all about, and even try a dance or two.

Web site:

Information supplied by Chris Collin and Elaine Hoag.

Caithream Celtic Dance Fusion, Ottawa

Caithream Celtic Dance Fusion is a highland dance company based in Ottawa, Canada. Caithream combines the traditions of highland dancing with a fusion of modern dance styles. The Company is available to perform for any number of events and occasions in the Ottawa area and beyond. Caithream possesses an exciting repertoire of over 50 pieces that range from bold and edgy, to dramatic and evocative, to light-hearted and up beat.


Information supplied by

Scottish Country Dance Groups in Calgary

There are various Scottish Country Dance classes in and around Calgary, as follows:

Information supplied by Janet Johnston and Janyn Bertram.

Ceilidh Revue Celtic Dance Group, Cochrane, Alberta *Highland*

We are a non-profit amateur performing group specializing in Highland Dance and Cape Breton Stepdancing. Located in Cochrane, Alberta (western Canada), we are one of a very few groups which performs (and teaches) Cape Breton Stepdancing outside of Nova Scotia.

Information supplied by David Greenwell (

Celtica Highland Dancers, Nova Scotia *Highland*

Celtica Highland Dancers are based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dancers range in ages from 11 to their early 20's and provide traditional and beautifully choreographed highland dancing. Most of the dancers compete throughout the year at many of the local competitions as well as national and international events and have won many honors for their efforts.

Whether you are hosting an International, North American, Canadian, Atlantic or local event, a Maritime or Scottish flair will add an entertaining and interesting experience to any function.

Planning a wedding? why not have Celtica Highland Dancers entertain your guest while you depart to have your pictures taken or dance outside the church during your receiving line? Imagine the enchanting sound of the bagpipe echoing in the background or an appropriate Celtic theme waving through the air.

How to contact us?

E-Mail: at Web Site:

Information supplied by Ashley Hotchkiss and Alexandra Smith.

Celtic Dance Centre, Toronto, Ontario

The Celtic Dance Centre is home to top Irish and Highland schools, with world champion instructors (our Highland faculty includes Natalie Hall and Colleen Rintamaki). We are also home to the Celtic Dance Company of Canada (professional) and Greenfire Celtic Dance Theatre (children).


Email: Tel: 416.463.3319
Fax: 416.463.1176
Mail: 1112 Dundas Street East, Toronto ON, Canada, M4M 1S119

Information supplied by Michael Patrick Farrell (

Northern Ontario School of Scottish Dance / Dalriada Scottish Dancers, Timmins and Iroquois Falls, Ontario *Highland*

The Dalriada Scottish Dancers were formed in September, 1998 by Marnie Lapierre (a former Caledonia Dancer from Haileybury, Ontario) and a certified member of the BATD. Competition, Medal Testing and Performance training offered.

Dalriada Scottish Dancers can be contacted via Marnie Ferguson-Lapierre (
The school's web site is

Information supplied by Marnie Ferguson-Lapierre (

For The Love of Highland, Paris, Ontario

Newly formed in 2005, our small, though quickly growing troupe is based in Paris, Ontario 5 minutes north of Brantford. Directed by Ms. Georgina Watson our beginner and intermediate level dancers practice Tuesday nights 5:30 to 7:00 at Paris Presbyterian Church. Our focus is to keep dancing fun, this in mind not only is the focus on tradional dances but our repetoire includes original, progressive choreography danced to contemporary celtic music.

For more information visit our website: or email:

Information supplied by Jennifer Catherwood and taken from the web site. Correct as of June 2005.

Halifax Highland Dancing Association, Halifax, Nova Scotia

HHDA is a non-profit association for Highland dancers of all ages, from youth to adult, living in the Halifax Regional Municipality. It has been in existence since 1978 and is run entirely by Volunteers.

Our web site is at

Information supplied by Chris Palmer (

RSCDS Halifax Branch, Nova Scotia

The Halifax group meets on Thursdays at 7.30pm at St Matthias Church Hall, corner of Chebucto and Windsor Streets from September through April. Socials are held monthly.

For more information contact the Secretary: Anita Campbell ( or visit the web site (

Information supplied by Rita Aterman (

MacArthur School of Dance/CapeLand Dance Company, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

The dance school is called the 'MacArthur School of Dance', and the 'CapeLand Dance Company' is a performance group. There are over 80 dancers in the School, and 20 members of the Company.

We are located in the city of Sydney, on Cape Breton Island, in Nova Scotia, Canada.

I am the director of the School and Company, and I instruct Highland Dance, Cape Breton Step Dance, and Celtic Step Dance. I also teach workshops in Scottish Country & Cape Breton Square Sets, as well as a class in 'Dance & Movement for Young Children'.

The School runs year-round, and in the summer I teach at the Gaelic College of Celtic Arts & Crafts as well.

Address: MacArthur School Of Dance
CapeLand Dance Company
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

Information provided by Kelly MacArthur.

MacCulloch School of Dancing, Glengarry County and Ottawa, Ontario

Web page:

Rae MacCulloch founded the MacCulloch School of Dancing in the Fall of 1954. Over the years over 4000 students have trained with the MacCulloch School. Rae's daughters, Heather Forbes and Deborah Wheeler, welcome new and past students to a new school year.

The performing troupe, The MacCulloch Dancers, celebrates Canada's rich multi-cultural identity through lively presentations of Highland and Canadian Step Dancing. The traditional dances of early Canadian settlers are danced to the lively tunes of Scotland's bagpipes and the Irish, French and Scottish fiddle and accordion. The music includes clogs, jigs, reels and hornpipes. The troupe has met with much success on the international scene. The MacCulloch Dancers have represented Canada in Disney World, Florida, Idaho and Utah, USA, Puerto Rico, the Republic of China, Spain, Mexico, Belgium, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, France, Scotland and Russia. In August of 2005, the MacCulloch Dancers and the Sons of Scotland Pipe Band of Ontario, Canada had the great honor of performing for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

The Glengarry branch offers classes in Maxville, Martintown and Williamstown, Ontario
Phone: (613) 938-3196

The Navan/Orleans branch offers classes in the Greater Ottawa Region, Ontario
Phone: (613) 833-1249

Information provided by Heather Forbes.

RSCDS Medicine Hat, Alberta branch

Classes are held on Wednesday nights, 6:30 for beginners and step practice, and 7:30 pm for social dancing. They also offer monthly socials. For more information please contact:

Eric or Elizabeth Kean (
(403) 527-4708
Kathleen James (
(403) 526 8693

The branch contact address is:

Madicine Hat, Alberta, Canada branch - RSCDS
Box 447, Station Main,
Medicine Hat, AB
T1A 7G2

Information supplied by Kathleen James/Eric Kean.

RSCDS St John's, Newfoundland Branch

The Branch membership is near 50 and rising; of these over 30 attend regular dance classes.

The Annual General Meeting and Election of Officers takes place early in May each year.

The Branch supports Basic and Social dance classes on Monday nights. A Techniques class meets on Thursday nights from September until May. During the summer months there is dancing on Monday nights.

A weekend workshop with an invited teacher is held every two years.

Four Socials are held during the year: featuring our own band CORRYVRECKAN

A demonstration team is available for performances throughout the year.

Information supplied by G. Blair Lister, Margaret Connors and Mary Bridson.

The Forrester School of Celtic Dance (Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada)

The Forrester School of Celtic Dance (Highland & Cape Breton Step dance) was established in 1965 under the direction of Eileen (Pottie) Forrester, of Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. The performing group "Forrester's Cape Breton Scottish Dance Company" have represented Canada at many International Festivals, including Europe, United States, Canada & Republic of China. They perform in over 50 shows a year, including cruise ships,festivals and ceilidhs. Shannon Forrester directs the step dance division called "Reel Precision". Please visit our web site for more information. Happy Dancing to one & all from the Forrester School of Celtic Dance. ^_^

Web site:

Information supplied by Eileen Forrester (

The Red Deer Scottish Country Dancers

The Red Deer Scottish Country Dancers meet every Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. from September to May. Come see us at the Knox Presbyterian Church in Red Deer for more information or vitit our website.

The RDSCD mailing contact is:
Ms. Margaret Baxter - Secretary
Red Deer Scottish Country Dancers
PO Box 974
Blackfalds, AB
T0M 0J0

Information supplied by Andrew McLellan.

The Scottish Dance Company of Canada, Toronto

The Scottish Dance Company of Canada Inc. was established in January of 1996, after extensive auditions were held in Toronto. The Company's professional Highland dancers range in age from seventeen to twenty seven, and bring with them diverse performance and dance backgrounds. All of the dancers have competitive experience and included among their many awards are Ontario, Canadian and World Highland Dancing Championships.

The Company's growing repertoire embraces both traditional and newly choreographed dance works. Since its inception, the Company has performed at Copp's Coliseum, in honour of HRH Prince Charles' visit, at Hamilton Place, McMaster University and Toronto's Harbourfront. In August of 1996 the Company was invited to perform extensively at the renowned Festival-By-The-Sea in Saint John, New Brunswick. The Company also has appeared with Micheal Burgess, the Barra MacNeils, John Allan Cameron and Leahy at Toronto's Roy Thomson Hall, as part of a Celtic Christmas.

They have their own show, entitled "Immrama - the adventurous journey" - which tells the story of the Scottish immigrant leaving Scotland and moving to the New World - all through original music and dance.

The Company has a web page and can be contacted at or by phone on (905) 383-0293.

Information taken from their web page.

Shiftin' Bobbins Social Group, Toronto, Ontario

website: Group Chairman: Jon Allen-Friend Mailing Address: 340 Lonsdale Road Suite 505 Toronto ON M5P 1R2 email.

Established. In 2010, Shiftin'Bobbins" is an advanced level Scottish Country Dance group with dancers coming from across southern Ontario and western New York State.

Meeting in central Toronto one Sunday afternoon monthly, a different guest teacher presents challenging dances for those able to complete the set program with minimal instruction comfortable in their footwork, phrasing and with prior knowledge of the more complex RSCDS formations.

Group Chairman: Jon Allen-Friend
Mailing Address: 340 Lonsdale Road Suite 505 Toronto ON M5P 1R2

Information supplied by Jon Allen-Friend

Sim School of Highland Dance, Embro and St. Thomas, Ontario

Established in 1991, the Sim School of Highland Dance enrolls more than 60 dancers between the ages of 3 and 26. The dancers come from various towns throughout south western Ontario and participate in classes at studios in both Embro and St. Thomas. A special undertaking was year is the dance school�s participation in the Canadian Interprovincial Championship Series. 21 dancers from the school traveled to Ottawa to compete against hundreds of dancers from across the country. I am proud to announce that the dancers brought home 20 medals.

The dancers performances include both traditional highland dances as well as choreographed pieces. We have performed at many functions including the Fanshawe Pioneer Village�s Fire in the Field, and Quai du Vin Winery�s celtic festival.

There is a web site at

Kicklone Celtic Dancers are a new dance group that combine Irish and Highland dance techniques. The members are from Aylmer, St. Thomas and London. This group is quickly gaining recognition for their fast footwork and lively personality.

If you would like any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me: email:

Information supplied by: Sherry Sim Nagle (

Academy of Film & Performing Arts, Burlington, Ontario

Academy of Film & Performing Arts teaches classes in dance, drama, voice and instrumental music, including highland dancing.

1149 Heritage Road, Burlington, Ontario
Tel: 905-332-7070
Fax: 905-332-4885

Information supplied by Ellen Wilkes Irmisch and Caroline Angus.

RSCDS Toronto Association

The RSCDS Toronto Association is quite large, with multiple �social groups� scattered around the Greater Toronto Area. You can dance every day in Toronto. Social groups welcome visitors, though it�s good to check with the designated contact or teacher since venues and times are sometimes adjusted to accommodate events. The social groups and contacts are listed here:

The premier event of RSCDS Toronto is the annual Tartan Ball, which celebrated 50 years in 2013. The ball is always towards the end of February, in the opulent Concert Hall of the Royal York Hotel. A pre-ball reception is followed by a formal dinner. The room is cleared of tables and the evening's Scottish Country Dancing begins with a Grand March led by pipers from the 48th Highlanders. We dance to wonderful music by Scotch Mist.

For complete info, visit or

Information supplied by Rob Lockhart , webmaster

Touch of Tartan, Toronto

Touch of Tartan (ToT) is a Highland Dance performance company in Toronto, Canada. ToT was founded in 1997 by Mary Fleur Hanlon - the motto:

�Tradition + Creativity.�

We believe it is important to honour our history and our heritage by performing the dances that were generated by our Scottish Ancestors. We also believe in producing living choreographies and promoting the continuance of the creative process based on the highland dance vocabulary.

In Toronto�s multicultural atmosphere, we contribute an element of traditional Scottish dance and we present the Highland dance creation by our Canadian choreographers. Andrea Evans� creation Fusion Fling premiered in February 2005. Mary Fleur Hanlon began creating highland hybrids in 1993 and her first work to be performed by ToT was Highland Competition in 1997, followed by Smiling Pavement, Techno Antler and other works.

Our venues range from large public celebrations (City of Toronto Street Festival) and Scottish events (Toronto Police Tattoo) to private weddings and parties, to Artistic venues (Red Cabaret, at Lula Lounge). We also produce performances and fund-raising cabarets that incorporate dance and music performances, both traditional and non-traditional.

Most of our dancers are, or were at one time, competitive highland dancers and many also have teaching status, through either the BATD or the SOBHD, so the technical standards we hold are very high. However, we also place strong priority on grace, and stage presence - our goal is to connect with our audience. We strive to inspire our supporters and capture their imaginations.

We rehearse regularly on Sunday Mornings at Madison Studios in Toronto, and we are auditioning for members on an ongoing basis.

We accept bookings for performances in Toronto and the surrounding area by email or by phone: Tel: 416.856.6220

Please come visit our website:

Information supplied by Mary Fleur Hanlon.

RSCDS Vancouver branch, Victoria, BC

Branch classes are held at the Scottish Cultural Centre on Hudson Street, on Monday nights (Four levels - beginners, intermediate, advanced intermediate and advanced). In addition there are various clubs which meet around the city and suburbs. Contact numbers are all on the site but you can list me as the main contact (604) 270-4241. There's usually a dance put on either by the Branch or by one of the clubs at least once a month. We're always glad to have visitors.

Information supplied by Angela Gauld (

Vancouver Island Scottish Country Dance Association, Victoria, BC

Vancouver Island Scottish Country Dance Association is located in Victoria BC and has approx 160 plus members. For more details of classes, events and contact, please visit the web site at

RSCDS Windsor Branch, ON

RSCDS Windsor Branch, Ontario. We meet Wednesdays from 8pm til 10pm at Mackenzie Hall, 3277 Sandwich St. Windsor, Ontario from September to June. At the end of October we hold our Annual Ball, and in March you can join us and our American friends from Detroit for our joint Annual Border Cities Workshop. For more information:

Happy dancing!

Information supplied by Carla Wiedemann

Yellowknife Scottish Country Dance Club, NT

Meets Mondays 7:30-9:30 September to May for social dancing. All skill levels welcome.

Contact Dave Taylor
53 Calder Crescent
Yellowknife NT X1A 3A9
Tel: 867-920-7970

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