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This page contains scottish music groups, together with links to their home pages if I know of them. For some groups I only have their homepage link. I have marked these with "(link only)". If I have missed your favourite group out, I'd love to know so I can add them to this page.

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Since anyone anywhere in the world can read this page, I have not included contact addresses or telephone numbers unless I have specifically been given permission. Please contact me if you want contact information.

The groups are arranged by country and then in alphabetical order of location, and are:


The Edinburgh Highland Reel and Strathspey Society

We are a Scottish traditional music orchestra inclusive of fiddles, cellos, and doubles basses, and are based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Our weekly practice sessions, take place from October - March on Monday evenings 7.30pm - 9.30pm. We perform twice a year, i.e. in November for our St. Andrew's night, to raise money for local causes, and our Annual Concert in March.

New members with the ability to read music for orchestral purposes, and play at a satisfactory standard are always welcome, whatever their age.

We have a website at, for further information.

Information supplied by Nicola Foy.

The Edinburgh Shetland Fiddlers

We are a small but dedicated crowd, who meet in Edinburgh Scotland on the first and third Sunday evenings of every month, to play Celtic music, with a very heavy emphasis on the music of the Shetland Islands. Visitors are very welcome to join in, to add their own contribution or simply to listen.

We have a web site at At the moment the URL leads to a "place-keeper" (the "history-photos-info" place-keeper). Follow it and you may agree that it is the most interesting and informative place-keeper you have seen yet. At the moment we are compiling material for a bigger, better showing. This will appear sometime near Midsummer 2001. In the meantime, the "place-keeper" will provide enough information to allow any visitors to Scotland to find the society and join in our evenings.

Information supplied by Malcolm Rutter (

Ythan Fiddlers, Ellon, Aberdeenshire

We are a 30 strong charitable society, promoting scots music to youngsters while raising money for good local causes, we also play occasional charitable scottish country dances around the North East of Scotland

We are based in Ellon Aberdeenshire, and meet every Monday evening for practice. We have a website at We also organise an annual fiddlers rally usually in June.

Australia and New Zealand




South America

If you have any other societies you would like me to include here, please mail me with a description. Please also get in touch if you disagree with any of the descriptions already here, and offer your view of the societies. If you want me to publish your view, however, you must give me permission to attribute it to you.
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